SINCE 1997

Experience that Shows


Why Bee There Limousine Service remains the first choice of major local corporations

  • 1. Bee There has a proven track record for outstanding professional -- having served corporations and individuals in Northern New Jersey for six years.
  • 2. Bee There helps customers reduce their operating expenses

Following are many extras routinely charged by other companies
that we do not charge to our clients:

No fuel surcharge:

Most New Jersey limousine services add a fuel or other ground transportation surcharge ranging anywhere from $3 per ride to 10% of the total fare (and they keep charging it even when gas price goes down), we do not.

No ground transportation tax:

At some limousine services this is just another name for the fuel surcharge; at others is in addition to the fuel surcharge

No inflated tips:

Most limousine services charge between 18% and 20% standard gratuity. Ours remains at 15%.

Who We Are


"Bee There Limos an exclusive and well-established NJ Limo service based in Bergen County providing chauffeured NJ limousine & NJ Car Service transportation or Limo Hire in the North East."

Interested in opening an account with us? We would certainly welcome the opportunity to serve you. We have a fleet of late model Cadilac Davilles and an excellent reputation with local corporations -- attached is a helpful checklist regarding our service and some of our pricing structures.

I would be happy to send you more information and an account agreement. I would need a bit more information regarding your ground transportation requirements (i.e., approximately how often you travel, if this account would be just for yourself or for a company with multiple travelers, etc.)

  • Airport Transportation
  • Body Guards & Personal Couriers
  • Corporate Events Out Of State
  • New York City
  • Personal Services